General Repair

Boats under 25 feet get used... a lot. Tthings break or wear out, we do a lot of general repairs work.

On-site Service

Sometimes it's necessary for us to work on location or transport to our shop.

Complete Shop

We have the experience needed to get the job done right and within the agreed budget.


Classics are becoming a specialty.

Having studied traditional boat building and having the opportunity to work on some real classic boats over the years is reflected in the many happy customers who return year after year with new projects or just to say hello.

Fiberglass repair.

Almost every fiberglass boat, even the most mollycoddled, eventually suffers the heartbreak of damage. Some are just minor such as dings, spider-web and/or stress cracks - however, a hole punched through the side of your boat, a deep impact crater revealing torn fibers or, even worse, coring, or any serious damage to the laminate itself. These are jobs we don't recommend a DIYer doing themselves.


Let us know how we can help.

We're not afraid to hand out advice... often times we firmly believe a project should be handled by the boat owner. However we also not afraid to tell you when it's a job for the pros.